Hastina Restaurant

Hastina Restaurant
Alam Wayang Ubud


Hastina Bar and Restaurant

The name of Hastina refers to a palace of Bharata Kingdom in the famous epic of Mahabharata in the universe (Alam) of Wayang.
Hastina Restaurant is situated overlooking to the green lawn and shades of Indraprasta Parkland, and its bar is situated adjacent to the Gangga Pool and Ayodya Spa

Here are the activities that you can enjoy at Hastina Restaurant:

  • Selection of our beverages and cuisines of light meals with view directly to the pool
  • Balinese local dishes is also provided by the restaurant 
  • Tea time with a glass of fresh blended juice while reading a book at Indraprasta Parkland

Operational Hours:

  • Hastina Bar and Restaurant  opens from 7.00am to 11pm
  • Gangga Pool opens from 11.00 to 18.00hrs

In Villa Dining

Call us at +6281337286828 if you wish to have a dinner, privately in your villa.
In Villa Dining is available from 7pm to 10pm during this Covid-19 pandemic activities restriction